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Streaming AudioStreaming Audio, or “podcasting,” is a method to acquire audio files for your iPod, Personal Media Player, or other MP3 player. Apple Computer, developer of the MP3 player called the “iPod,” has called Podcasting, “the Next Generation of Radio.” People and organizations have begun to make content available via technologies that allow them to notify folks that have the right software installed on their computers (and are using a fast broadband connection to the Internet) that “podcasts” are available for downloading and listening to at their leisure. Users subscribe to “podcasts” using “podcatching” software (also called “aggregator” software) which periodically checks for and downloads new content. It can then sync the content to the user’s portable music player.

Unlike radio or streaming media, podcasts are “time-shifted,” meaning that listeners have control over when they hear the recording similar to a VCR playing back a pre-recorded TV show. Using a portable player, such as the iPod, MP3 player, or a cell phone, podcasts are instantly available and can be listened to progressively while tending to other matters, thereby educating a busy listener with no time expense.

From the producer’s perspective, podcasts cannot have live participation or immediately reach large audiences as quickly as radio can. However, podcasting allows individuals to easily transmit content worldwide without the need for expensive equipment or licenses.

There is a software package available for whatever platform you may have: Windows PC, Apple, or Linux system. We recommend that you download the free “Juice” software to “collect” our podcasts, it is available at:

Then, simply subscribe to our Faith & Victory Podcast, by opening the “Juice” software, click on the “Subscriptions” tab, then click on the “green plus sign”(Add a Feed), and type in this string for our Audio Services:

Or, type in this string for our Video Services:

You may listen to our daily radio broadcast (heard Mon. through Fri. at 5:30 PM Eastern Time) via RSS subscription as well:

If you are having problems loading audio files due to file association issues, note these instructions:

1. In your Windows Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound, click on “Autoplay.”

2. You will see “Choose what happens when you insert each type of media or device.”

3. Locate the “Audio files” option and select “Play using Windows Media Player” from the drop-down menu.

4. If you click on the file and it downloads in Chrome, instead of playing it, right-click on the downloaded file within Chrome, and select “Always Open Files of This Type.”

Then, you can receive our Faith & Victory Podcasts and listen to them “off-line” on your MP3 player! Our commitment to use every available technology to get out the uncompromising Word of Faith message includes this new technology. You may also click on the appropriate link below to subscribe via the different services. Enjoy this powerful service of our website!

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